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PCC (Personal Charger Casing) for Models 510, 4081, 103, 8084, and 8097!

PCC stands for Portable Electronic Cigarette Charging Case Kit. The  PCC combines the latest technology in portability and reliability for users who never again want to be caught without a fully charged battery and a safe means of carrying their Cartridges and spare atomizer. The Case has an internal rechargeable lithium-ion battery (1080mAH), allowing the user to charge while on the move.

The PCC stores an atomizer, a battery and two cartridges. While the battery is stored in the case it is being recharged. A fully charged PCC can recharge up to 4 batteries, before it requires recharging itself.

Charging the PCC can take about 4.0 hours via a universal USB interface. You can charge the case from your computer. Once the case is charged just screw in your spare battery close the lid and slip the case in your pocket or bag. While at work, the Pub, the car, in fact anywhere, feel secure in the knowledge you will always have a fully charged battery. Smoke the whole day without worrying about your battery needing charging.

Product consists of:
1 x Black Portable Cigarette Charger
   (Personal Charger Casing, 1300mAh rechargeable Lithium battery inside )
1 x USB Charger 

510 , 901 and RN4081 PCC

Allow 2-7 Business days for Delivery

e-Cig Included! PCS PCC4081 (Personal Charger Casing) for Njoy, Npro, The SE (Smoking Everywhere) Gold 2.0, 3.0, ES011 and the DSE103!

Package contents :
  Atomizing device 1pc
  180mAh Rechargeable Black Battery 1pc
  Cartridge 5pcs
  Usb line 1pc 
  Instruction Manual 1pc

Equipped with Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery 1050mAH
Charging time PCC: 5 hours
Charging time Battery in PCC: 45 Minutes

Allow 2-7 Business days for Delivery

At last! A Portable Charging Case for the DSE, FL or any 901 - use it all day without carrying six batteries around with you! Our 901PCC comes complete with USB chargers and can also be charged from your car's lighter socket using a standard (old style) Nokia lead. Two bi-color LED indicators give you the low-down on what's happening, charge wise. The bottom one is red as your battery charges, and green when it's full, while the top one is red as your case charges, and green when it's full. It's that simple. Your battery can charge at the same time as the case, too - bonus! Great if you're out and about - the case will hold six cartridges as well as your battery and atomizer (or two atomizers and five carts), perfect for toddling off to the (vape-friendly) pub.

Comes with PCC:
1 x PCC case
USB charging lead


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